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This term is becoming more and more noticeable when it comes to nutrition and health. Eating clean food - but what exactly does that mean?

It's simple:

Clean - Eating - Rules: 


  • It is about unprocessed, untreated, natural and therefore, pure, clean food, best - if possible - regionally, which is still full of nutrients. Basically, clean = good and healthy.


  • -  Instead of industrially produced foodstuffs, natural ingredients should be prepared fresh and healthy. Vegetables, fruit, salad and meat, fish and wholemeal products, nuts play the main role here. 


  • -  There is no need for synthetic additives, sweeteners, sugar, colouring and flavouring agents, flavour enhancers or unhealthy trans fats. It is clear that junk or fast food is also a no-go.


  • -  Here it is called: daily breakfast, regularly up to 5 - 6 times over the day distributed eat, consciously and attentively, with pleasure. Thus, the blood sugar level should also be kept constant so that no attacks of hunger attack are raided.


  • -  Carbohydrates should be combined with protein.


  • -  Drink a lot, at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day.


  • -  As far as possible refrain from alcohol.


  • -  There is no prohibition or renunciation of certain nutrient groups.


  • -  And if there is a packaged product, the shorter the list of ingredients, the better.


Essentially, Clean Eating recommends eating a balanced mix of foods. Not necessarily new, but the idea of consciously dealing with fresh food is a nutritional science that hits the nerve of the times.  

This nutritional trend - like so many food trends - comes from the USA, where the nutritionist Tosca Reno wants to motivate to a healthier lifestyle with the motto:' You are what you eat'.

There are several blogs that provide inspiration, tips and information on' clean food' as well as magazines, e. g. the English Clean Eating magazine.

Considering how to promote one's health with a conscious diet is more effective than unconsciously and hectically shoveling food into oneself.

In our  Shop  you will find nutritional supplements such as Inca Berries  or Acai powder, that provide your breakfast with nutritious added value.

And in recipes  there are a few suggestions on how Clean Eating works in practice.



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